Bio Medical Evidence Graph

A graph database for merging and analyzing connected data



DREAM Challenges

To obtain the highest quaility analytical methods the BMEG team has partnered with Sage BioNetworks to organize several DREAM Challenges. Including:


Connecting the Data

There are a huge number of data sets available, in an array of different formats. BMEG merges all of this data anywhere a connection can be made, weaving all of the separate datasets into one rich fabric.

Currently in BMEG:

  • CCLE
  • TCGA
  • MC3
  • GDSC
  • Pubchem
  • Hugo


Querying the Graph

BMEG stores data in a large property graph and provides a query language, Ophion (implementing much of the gremlin spec), to perform traversals through this graph and collect data along the way.

Powering Open Science

All of our data adheres to open schemas

Drawing connections between data sets requires that we agree on what the data means. BMEG distinguishes between several unique types of data, such as Samples, Genes, Variants, Compounds etc. and describes the relationships between them. As we discover more and more kinds of data we want to merge in, our library of schemas expands

BMEG in the News
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